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Executive Coaching

“Are you ready to accelerate your leadership skills?”


At DM WORKS our mission is simple … we coach for results … the goal is to help you WIN. 


Our executive coaching is a confidential process that combines assessment, feedback and coaching to guide the leader in improving their leadership effectiveness, professional influence and the businesses’ bottom line results. 


We use proven coaching methodologies, processes, and tools to accelerate learning and increase self-awareness. Each coaching plan is customized to the individual leader. This builds confidence and reinforces positive change through action and accountability. 


The coaching approach utilizes powerful assessment instruments to create, awareness and high impact learning. We identify and leverage individual strengths, help manage personal tendencies that might cause derailment, and turn potential into bottom line results. 


Coaching sessions will vary depending on the individual and the leadership skills involved. 


 Learning opportunities may include:


  • Assist the leader in gaining understanding 

  • Increase self-awareness

  • Build a new perspective

  • Identify obstacles

  • Develop leadership presence

  • Overcome beliefs that might be limiting their success

  • Communicating powerfully

  • Engage and mobilize employees

  • Advance their careers

  • Set strategic direction and implement strategic priorities effectively

  • Build a powerbase of strong business relationships

  • Manage up successfully

  • Collaborate effectively

  • Influence others with impact

  • Overcoming feelings of overwhelm and juggling multiple priorities

  • Giving and receiving feedback

  • Create a bridge

  • Delegating and growing talent

  • Sound decision making

  • Building a team

  • Growing talent

  • Develop a high-performing culture

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