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Managing Change

In today’s fast paced, complex and competitive business environment there remains only one constant … change. Businesses find it increasingly necessary to emphasize flexibility, adaptability and drive for innovation. Successful change initiatives depend upon leaders taking an active role in introducing change and then guiding people through the emotional journey that change often causes. Embracing change often means acquiring new knowledge, developing new skills, and adapting behaviors and mindset. Without effective leadership, employees of an organization going through change are likely to be perplexed, confused, angry, frustrated and openly resistant to new ways of doing business ... the commitment to change will take longer to achieve or may even fail.  


This program is designed to help leaders navigate and lead others through the change process. 


Content will focus on:

  • Strategies to successfully manage change

  • Examine your personal approach to change

  • Greater understanding of people’s reaction to change

  • Methods to effectively overcome resistance to change

  • Development of change management skills

  • Creating an empowered organization that supports change


Note: Where appropriate, it is recommended that this program be offered in conjunction specific diagnostics to explore, in detail, the leaders and team’s approach to change

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