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Presenting Effectively

Leaders are often called upon to deliver presentations to a variety of audiences … yet many leaders are not confident in doing so. Successful leaders should be able to deliver messages that are powerful, dynamic, credible, important, understood, professional, accepted by their audience and conveyed as intended. 


This program provides a structured approach to building and delivering your message and focuses on:

  • Improving your presentation skills and achieving a higher level of excellence.

  • Reducing your fears and stress

  • Identifying the traits of experienced speakers

  • Diagnosing your personal characteristics for areas of improvement

  • Speaking with greater clarity and purpose, focusing on key ideas

  • Applying verbal and non-verbal speaking skills

  • Gaining valuable feedback, through constructive peer critiques and facilitator feedback.


This program is very interactive and provides the participant with a non-threatening supportive environment in which to build, practice and deliver their message. Each participant will be required to do series of short presentations followed by a final presentation, which will be videotaped for their future reference.

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