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Strategic Leadership

Executive Committees and individual team members are frequently challenged by the demands of the business “whirl wind” we live in and as a result can often get “caught up” in day-to-day operations. Indeed, attending to the immediate needs of your guests, employees and the operation is an important part of what you do. Yet, one of the primary functions of an executive team and leader is to be strategic in their approach. 

Do we step back and really take a look at: 

How we are operating? Do we get to the real source of problems? Are we setting direction? How are we at creating visions for the future? How are we at getting “buy-in” from all levels? How effective are we at communicating our direction? Do we create a common understanding? How effective are we at influencing, building and mending relationships? Are we effective at generating ideas and best courses of action? How are we at creating alignment with operational needs of our employees? Do we really step back and learn from our mistakes? Do we spend enough time strategizing? How we introduce and manage change?


This program focuses on the above issues and can be tailored to the needs of your specific team or organization. 

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