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The Verbal 360 is a very “hands-on” approach to gathering 360 data about the client. It is simple, efficient, clear, and yet very powerful and can often be done in a timely manner. It provides direct first-hand knowledge of the people involved with the client. As with all 360’s, it starts by finding a sample of people with whom the client works. Usually this includes people up, down, across and even outside the organization; allies and antagonists; and a good sample of men, women, different generations, etc., usually 10-15 people is best.  These feedback givers are then interviewed by the coach and are asked some simple questions about the client’s strengths, weaknesses and any advice they would offer to assist the client in their future development. This data is then compiled and presented back to the client to help him or her identify key areas of strength to build on and a few specific areas that they may need to develop to be more effective. 


This sets the groundwork for developing an effective learning strategy for the future that is paired with on-going coaching for success. 

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