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Benchmarks, is designed by the Center For Creative Leadership (CCL). This internationally recognized leading nonprofit leadership organization serves more than two thirds of the Fortune 100 companies. CCL has identified a number of skills and perspectives that are critical for success as a leader. The report also provides the leader with a benchmark of how he or she is doing when compared to a particular norm group. Based on CCL’s studies of how

successful executives develop, and why they derail, BENCHMARKS focuses on what can be learned from experience by:

  • Determining how well a manager is learning skills and perspectives important to success.

  • Provide information on potential blocks to development – certain flaws or failures that may lead to derailment.

  • Linking lessons and experience together to guide further development.


The feedback is compiled into a report and the Executive Coach interprets the report during a private one-on-one coaching session. An integral part of this program includes developmental planning, individual goal-setting, followed by on-going coaching.


  • It is recommended that Myers Briggs Type Indicator be paired with the BENCHMARKS 360 to provide the leader with additional insight into their leadership and personality preferences.

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