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Growing Talent 

Most senior leaders agree, the key to continued success in any company lies in their ability to attract, retain and grow talented people. Providing employees with access to the personal and professional development opportunities they need in order to achieve personal excellence not only equips their people with the knowledge, skills and attitude needed to provide exceptional customer service, but also builds employee loyalty, motivation and commitment.  Creating a healthy learning environment is one of the primary functions of an effective leader as it assists both the individual and the company in meeting today’s complex business strategies and challenges. 


This program uses researched and practical content from sources, such as the Center For Creative Leadership, to create a clear understanding on what is involved in growing leaders.  


The program content will focus on:

  • How are we doing in the developing our talent?

  • Do we create a developmental climate?

  • Are we being strategic in the way we develop our people?

  • Do we make the most of developmental opportunities available? 

  • Provide a template for healthy people development

  • The importance of challenging assignments

  • Finding the lessons learned

  • The leader’s role

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