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Generating Creativity & Innovation

How do you get away the “same old same old” a mantra that is practically an unwritten bylaw at many companies? The root of innovation may be in the brain of one person, but the idea can’t take hold in an organization unless it is shared.  Increasingly, executives are aiming to put their businesses and companies on a more dynamic and competitive track by looking for ways to be creative and innovative. The expectations of your guest, employees, clients and owners are ever changing, as is the business world around us. Anticipating, accommodating and providing for these needs require your teams to be innovative thinkers and leading edge.


This program focuses on:

  • Creating the right culture …how to stimulate creativity

  • What obstacles are getting in the way

  • Creative problem solving … being clear on the root of the problem

  • Understanding how we arrive at assumptions

  • Mental Models

  • Building blocks of brainstorming

  • Techniques you use to start creative and innovative ideas

  • Tips to awaken creativity

  • Putting it all together using a relevant business topic

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